“The more you know about the past, the more prepared you are for the future.” Theodore Roosevelt

Welcome to the history page. Miss Webb is the history subject leader. At Huntingdon, we are passionate about children not only learning history but also learning from history so that we do not make the same mistakes as people did in the past. The history curriculum not only teaches historical knowledge but also the skills pupils need to become successful historians.

Subject Leader: Miss Webb

Subject Ambassadors

Pamodou, Elsa, Heston, Ronya, Lewis, Manahal

Subject Overview

It is important for children to have an awareness of their own past as well as the history of the country they live in and the history of the world.

Here at Huntingdon Academy we want the children to be inquisitive about History. Children should act as historians by using sources to find out about history for themselves. We want them to be able to experience using a range of historical sources to answer questions. Also give them an understanding of where different periods of history fit on a timeline and how they have affected the world we live in now. We want history to be engaging and therefore children should go on visits to historical sites or museums so that they can become more immersed in the time period they are studying.

National Curriculum

Progression of Skills and Knowledge

There are 3 skills in the teaching and learning of history. Each year progresses through these concepts in small steps so that they are proficient in them by the time they leave in year 6. The national curriculum also states the themes of knowledge that pupils are required to be taught. Each year group has 2 overarching themes/topics that is broken down into smaller aspects to focus on. See the documents below which outline the skills and knowledge that each year group should be taught.

Whole School Overview

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Children will be taught both history knowledge and the skills needed to be a historian through 2 topics each year. These topics cover a wide range of themes such as childhood, politics, religion, daily life and economy/trade. Due to all year groups covering these themes, links can be made between topics.

Every lesson children will carry out ‘Flashback’ activities so that they can revisit and embed the knowledge they have gained in previous topics. Each lesson focuses on a key question which the children are trying to answer. History lessons are designed to be child-led so that the children are finding out about history for themselves. They will use a wide range of sources to gain information so that they can answer the key question by the end of the lesson.

The teaching of history at Huntingdon Academy is also enhanced through educational visits and visitors.