Meet the Team

Extended Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher: Ross Middleton

Head of School: Rebecca Riley

Deputy Headteacher: Hazel Vaughan

Business Manager: Kim Barker

Leader of Inclusion and Welfare: Louise Yarnell

Assessment and Standards Lead: Louise Wraight

Year 1 / 2 Phase Leader: Rianna Forrest

Year 3 / 4 Phase Leader: Polly Lees-Collier

Year 5 / 6 Phase Leader: Sarah Lees

Safeguarding Team

Lead Designated Safeguarding Lead – Louise Yarnell

Designated Safeguarding Lead – Ross Middleton

Designated Safeguarding Lead – Rebecca Riley

Designated Safeguarding Lead – Hazel Vaughan

Designated Safeguarding Person – Sally King (Maternity)

Designated Safeguarding Person – Kim Barker

Inclusion Team

Leader of Inclusion and Welfare: Louise Yarnell

Behaviour Lead: Rebecca Riley

SENDCO: Amie Bennett

SENDCO: Leemah Hazlehurst

Attendance and Medical Officer: Sally King (Maternity) and Samantha Knox

Medical / EAL Support: Natasha Leigh

Curriculum Leadership Team

All staff contribute towards the curriculum, however these are the leads of specific subjects.

Curriculum Leaders: Hazel Vaughan and Sarah Lees

English: Hazel Vaughan
Oracy: Debbie Towse
Modern Foreign Languages (French): Lizzie Carrette and Chloe Kent

Science: Louise Wraight and Emma Appleby (Maternity)
Maths: Rianna Forrest
Computing: Charlotte Andrew
Design Technology: Katie Breakwell

Religious Education: Lucy Cousins
History: Megan Webb
Geography: Julia Taylor

Art: Alice Lindsey
Music: Lizzie Carrette and Julia Taylor

Physical Education: Polly Lees-Collier and Ryan Lord
PSHE: Lauren Mather

Teaching Team

Foundation 1: Lizzie Carrette

Foundation 2: Alice Lindsey

Foundation 2: Charlotte Andrew

Year 1: Hazel Vaughan/Alice Towse

Year 1: Katie Breakwell/Atlanta Beeby

Year 2: Emmeline Deal

Year 2: Rianna Forrest (Phase Leader)

Year 3: Megan Webb

Year 3: Lucy Cousins / Debbie Towse

Year 4: Chloe Kent

Year 4: Polly Lees-Collier (Phase Leader)

Year 5: Ryan Lord

Year 5: Louise Wraight/Louise Hall

Year 6: Julia Taylor

Year 6: Sarah Lees (Phase Leader)

PPA: Debbie Towse

Learning Support Team

Teaching Assistant: Dawn Rowbottom

Teaching Assistant: Victoria Murphy

Teaching Assistant: Fasiha Syed

Teaching Assistant: Karen Hall

Teaching Assistant: Camille Beardsley

Teaching Assistant: Ernestine Gerald

Teaching Assistant: Louise Dunne

Teaching Assistant: Andrea Walsh

Teaching Assistant: Laura Doyle

Teaching Assistant: Tradina Morris

Teaching Assistant: Nicola Fell

Teaching Assistant: Megan Campbell

Teaching Assistant: Courtney Hunt

Teaching Assistant: Madeleine Lilley

Teaching Assistant: Natasha Leigh

Teaching Assistant: Sarah Martin

Teaching Assistant: Nasrin Rahim-Amin

Teaching Assistant: Rebecca Thompson

Teaching Assistant: Monica Tucker

Teaching Assistant: Leia Ward

Teaching Assistant: Aleysha Watson

Teaching Assistant: Stephanie Sanderson

Teaching Assistant: Kanchan Negi

Teaching Assistant: Jemma Hickingbottom

Teaching Assistant: Karima Elburani

Teaching Assistant: Daniel Hunt

Office Team

Business Manager: Kim Barker

Office Manager: Alyson Lambert

Apprentice Admin Assistant: Mohammed Ibrahim

Breakfast / Lunch Team

Breakfast Club Leads: Madeleine Lilley

Chef Manager: Sarah Plater

Catering Assistant: Tracey Clark

Catering Assistant: Ramou Faye

Catering Assistant: Tracey Varley

Midday Supervisor: Emma McBride

Midday Supervisor: Kayleigh Topham

Midday Supervisor: Mickayla Cantrill

Midday Supervisor: Suma Debi

Midday Supervisor: Ionela Creanga

Midday Supervisor: Awat Haje

Midday Supervisor: Rebecca Matthews

Midday Supervisor: Robina Kousar

Site Team

Site Manager: Alan Fletcher

Caretaker: Gary Selby

Cleaner: Emma McBride

Cleaner: Ann Hampson

Cleaner: Mickayla Cantrill

Cleaner: Kayleigh Topham

Cleaner: Alyssa Lightbown