Sally King is our Attendance and Medical Officer. She works to improve attendance and follows up absences from school through, phone calls, letters, home visits and meetings. You can speak to Sally direct on 07880 826720 or by using the following email address – [email protected]

As attendance is statutory, we all have a duty to ensure that children are in school every day (unless of course, they are very ill). Sally hopes to work with you in making this possible. Hopefully, by supporting families to ensure that children are attending school regularly, there will be fewer referrals to the Education Welfare Officer.


We look at the percentage of your child’s attendance, which will fall into the following zones:

Green Zone – between 97% – 100% attendance – no action required.

Sally may contact parents whose child’s attendance is 97% or under to find out if we can support in improving the attendance.

Amber Zone – 91% – 96% attendance – you will receive a letter to inform you that your child’s attendance has fallen into the amber zone and if no improvement is made, invited in to school for a meeting.

Red Zone – below 90% attendance, this will automatically trigger a meeting or a visit. Absences will not be authorised for pupils whose attendance falls into the red zone without some medical evidence. A child whose attendance is below 90% is classed by the government as a persistent absentee.


We use a text messaging service to contact you when your child is not at school. If your child is absent and we haven’t been informed why, Sally will contact you by phone, text or e-mail. You will be able to reply to the text message to advise why your child is away from school.

It is very important to keep the school informed of any changes in your contact details as soon as possible.

It is parent’s responsibility to inform the school if your child is absent, failure to provide the school with a reason of absence could result in the absence being unauthorised.

Please remember that unless your child is ill, they should be in school every day. Please let the school know as soon as possible if your child is unable to come into school.


The school can unauthorise absences if

  • No reason is provided.
  • No medical evidence is provided for illness and appointments.
  • Your child takes a whole day for an appointment when only a morning or afternoon is needed.
  • The child’s absence is due to parents being unable to get their child to school.


Following government guidelines, headteachers cannot grant any leave of absence unless in exceptional circumstances. This removes the headteacher’s authority to authorise holidays. Therefore holidays can no longer be authorised.

If a leave of absence for the purpose of a holiday is taken it will be unauthorised.

The regulations do not allow schools to give approval after the leave of absence has been taken. Therefore any leave of absence that has not been applied for in advance will be unauthorised.

Penalty notices are fines between £60 and £120 imposed on parents. Penalty notices may be used where a pupil’s absence has not been authorised by the school. It is therefore very important that you keep us informed of the reason if your child is absent and that no periods of unauthorised leave are taken.


Attendance RewardsWe want to reward children and parents for good attendance. 

  • Best weekly class attendance for F2, Key Stage 1 and 2 will receive a trophy to keep in their class for the week and a certificate.
  • Children who have 100% attendance every half term will receive a certificate and a prize.
  • Mr Middleton will be having hot chocolate with those children who have excellent attendance or have made an improvement in their attendance every half term.
  • At the end of each term those children who have 100% attendance will be entered into a prize draw and three families will have the chance to win prizes for example a family cinema ticket, laser tag or bowling voucher.

This is just a small way to thank all of the children and their families for making a great effort on attendance at Huntingdon and our way of saying a big WELL DONE!

Finally, please help us to help your child by sending him/her to school every day. Every lesson counts. Even a short amount of time away from school will cause your child to fall behind in their work and it will make it difficult for them to catch up. Remember, as a parent or legal guardian you are legally responsible for making sure your child attends school everyday.

Please click on the attached link to view our Attendance Policy