Coaching at Huntingdon Academy

What is Coaching and who is it aimed at?

Coaching is suitable for any colleague in any role within our organisation. Coaching gives both individuals and teams the time and space to develop their self-awareness, increase their confidence and develop their resilience. Our vision is empowerment and quality coaching with a trained coach can enable people to reach their full potential in all aspects of their life. Coaching is the most personalised CPD you will ever receive or provide for a colleague.

Team Coaching

We develop a team’s self-awareness of one another as well as the impact they have on our organisation. We create a space that allows quality and innovative thinking regarding the most effective ways of working to enable both individuals and the team reach their potential. We have a 3 step colleague meeting cycle which includes coaching and is based on the

New to Leadership

We create programmes to enable colleagues to build their self-confidence, develop their self-awareness and unpick their strengths to support them into their journey to being an outstanding leader. This kind of leadership support looks at helping someone to know their values and energising strengths and how they can use these in their development.

Instructional Coaching

We take our mentoring for beginning teachers very seriously as we understand that a quality mentor support is crucial for a teacher’s development. We ensure that all our mentors are familiar with Jim Knight’s Impact Cycle and all our teachers are encouraged to use iris connect to continue to analyse their pedagogical practices. Rebecca Riley works with mentors through L.E.A.D. teaching school and delivers CPD on instructional coaching for mentors across the region.

Deepening Instructional Coaching

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Becky Riley – Lead Coach

Rebecca Riley’s Qualifications

  • PGCERT in Coaching and Mentoring Beginning Teachers
  • PGCERT in Personal and Business Coaching
  • Team Coaching Practitioner
  • MRA Coaching with Confidence programme

Other colleagues who are trained with MRA Coaching with Confidence Programme:

Rebecca Want: Deputy Head

Hazel Vaughan: Deputy Head

Ross Middleton: Executive Head

Our Culture and Climate

At Huntingdon Academy, we consider very carefully how to grow and nurture a culture and climate where both adults and children can thrive. We believe that having strong academy values that both colleagues, parents and children align with creates an environment that enables development. We believe that organisations need to create space for thinking and that decisions should be made collaboratively by those closest to the delivery. Please take some time to look at the models below that we regularly refer to and use to enable us to work effectively as a team to achieve outstanding outcomes for our young people.

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What our values mean to us as adults:

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