Pupil Welcome

We are school councillors and we welcome you to our school. School council is important because it ensures every child has a voice and that they can feel safe. School council is a team of children who have been elected by their classes because they have visonary leadership and can take responsibility for school improvement. Within our school council, we have four roles (chair ,vice chair, secretary and treasurer). We have meetings every two weeks to share ideas given to us by pupils in our classrooms.

Teachers in our school make lessons educational and fun at the same time . Our teachers are respectful and if there is a problem then they will try everything in their power to help children to solve the problem in the most fair way. We use restorative conversations to help resolve conflict . Teachers also will listen to your ideas and make sure that you get a chance to speak. In our academy, every child’s voice matters.

The students at Huntingdon Academy are welcoming and kind. Children can apply for responsibilities in our academy such as working in the tuck shop, dinner hall leaders, and different types of ambassadors such as math, history and English.

We are proud of our school and everyone it it.

From Lainda and Bamba