At Huntingdon academy, we believe that all pupils should be able to confidently communicate their knowledge, ideas and emotions through their writing. We want pupils to acquire a wide vocabulary, a solid understanding of grammar and be able to spell new words by effectively applying the spelling patterns and rules they learn throughout their time in primary school. We want them to write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences. We believe that all pupils should be encouraged to take pride in the presentation of their writing, in part by developing a good, joined, handwriting style by the time they move to secondary school. We believe that all good writers refine and edit their writing over time, so we want children to develop independence in being able to identify their own areas for improvement in all pieces of writing, editing their work effectively during and after the writing process. We do not put ceilings on what pupils can achieve in writing and we do not hold pre-conceptions about any pupils’ ability to make progress. Across school we apply the methodology of Talk 4 Writing, use scaffolds for learning and share highly effective examples for pupils to aim towards.

Vocabulary and language acquisition are instrumental to the success of our pupils in writing due to the percentage of pupils with English as an additional language and those entering school with literacy levels below that of which is expected. Through dialogic rich teaching approaches and the use of oracy as a vehicle for learning in English we intend to powerfully address social disadvantage and encourage pupils to articulate ideas, develop understanding and engage with others. This commitment to both presentational and exploratory talk is a powerful tool for learning in English and empowers our students to better understand themselves, each other and our learning intentions.

At Huntingdon Academy, we understand the importance of parents and carers in supporting their children to develop both grammar, spelling and composition skills, and so we endeavour to develop a home-school partnership which enables parents and carers to understand how to enhance the skills being taught in school.

Writing Policy