Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent

At Huntingdon, we aim for all our children to leave equipped with key skills, which enable them to be confident, respectful, skilful, ambitious and positive individuals, who are reflective, able to make good choices and have a thirst for life and all it has to offer.

We place emphasis on a curriculum that develops the whole child. Through our school values -Thinking, Listening, Communication and Collaboration – we ensure that the wellbeing and development of all members of the school community is at the centre of our life in school and the key to raising academic success. Our children gain a sound knowledge of their own value and purpose, with the ability to make choices and decisions in life that show that they understand that they can make a difference and have an impact on the world.

Our context rich curriculum, which has high expectations for all, is mapped to include full coverage of the National and EYFS curriculum. It provides a range of learning experiences for our children, which broaden their understanding of the Local, British and Global Community. Our curriculum offer is designed to challenge, engage and motivate our learners to take responsibility for themselves and others. Our ultimate goal being that they progress academically and become honest, successful and confident individuals, who make positive contributions to the community and society – both now and in the future. We have developed our curriculum so that it empowers children to take ownership of their development as a learner. To ask the questions not just answer them!   The curriculum is also designed to support the retention of subject knowledge and develop long-term memory skills.

For all year groups, we have overviews that map out the knowledge and skills progression of the curriculum offer; these include all the subjects in the National Curriculum so that our children access a broad and balanced curriculum offer. The curriculum offer is implemented in a consistent manner by ensuring that excellence in teaching and enjoyment in learning go hand in hand and lay the foundations for success in later life.

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