“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which to keep.” Scott Adams


Welcome to Design and Technology at Huntingdon Academy. On this page you will find everything you need to know about the subject, leadership and the implementation of DT in daily practice.

Design and Technology is lead by Miss Breakwell, she believes DT should be innovative, purposeful and involve the application of skills for life. DT allows for children to take ownership of their learning and develop their creativity and problem solving skills. All DT learning journeys begin with a real-life brief and opportunities for the children to research and explore. We also provide children with the knowledge of how products work, how products have changed over time and explore significant inventions/inventors. It is important at Huntingdon Academy that careers and opportunities involving DT are shared with the children so they have the highest aspirations.

Another vital branch of Design and Technology is Food and Nutrition. This involves; finding out where our food comes from, nutrition and cooking skills. This is important and it allows our children the grow a healthy relationship with food.

Our Design and Technology ambassadors are; Arshiya, Souray and Theodore.

National curriculum link

Here is a link to the national curriculum for Design and Technology. This has been used to inform our progression documents and planning.

Progression of conceptual knowledge

Here you will find some of the key documents that our teachers use to plan their units of DT learning. These documents highlight the key knowledge and skills that our children will gain during the learning journey. These have been carefully created to ensure clear progression and a strong understanding of what came before and what comes next.

You will also find the ‘Project Outline’ documents for each year groups. These key documents highlight each DT project to be taught, context, end product and the knowledge the children will be taught.

Planning and Pedagogy

Here is the journey that children will embark on during every DT project. This structure allows children time to build strong knowledge around the focus product. Many links can be made in DT to other areas of the curriculum particularly with Science and Mathematics.

The 2023 policy for Design and Technology can be found below.