Sports Premium

2017 – 2018
Huntingdon Academy has been allocated £18,390 through Sport Premium Funding for the academic year 2017 to 2018 to spend on improving our provision for all children to access sport. The premium will be used to help Huntingdon Academy fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of P.E. and sport in the 2017 to 2018 academic year and to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles for all pupils. We will ensure that sport and P.E. provision addresses the needs of all pupils, including those who belong to disadvantaged, vulnerable and gifted groups.

All sports provision will aim to increase attainment, inclusive participation, improve confidence, develop competitive strategies and hone techniques / skills; whilst encouraging a life-long love of sport, together with an understanding of the health benefits participation in sports activities brings.

We will ensure that sport and P.E. provision addresses the needs of all pupils, including those who belong to disadvantaged, vulnerable and gifted groups.

Sport Premium Funding will enable Huntingdon to fulfil the following aims:

to ensure that we can promote and support the importance of a healthy lifestyle and place particular emphasis on the wellbeing of our pupils;
to ensure that pupils will learn how sport and activity impacts positively on all aspects of their lives and on that of the school;
to improve the physical education experience for all children in our school;
to support the school in increasing physical activity opportunities for our children;
to enable our children to enjoy a range of school sport outside of the curriculum;
to ensure access for all children to high quality physical education lessons to develop fitness, stamina, health and well-being;
to ensure the development of school sport is linked to wider agendas.
We will fulfil these aims by:

continuing to provide opportunities for children to represent the school in sport competitions;
employing a specialist P.E. teacher to work alongside teachers in lessons to increase their subject knowledge, skills and confidence in the teaching of P.E.
sports coaches;
providing CPD opportunities for staff;
purchasing lunchtime sport activity equipment;
providing transport to link with other schools and take part in competitions and festivals;
offering our children the opportunity to participate in sport beyond the curriculum;
ensuring that our curriculum offers opportunities for pupils to develop the knowledge and understanding of what makes a healthy lifestyle;
forging links with the local community to enrich the P.E. provision within school;
buying quality assured teaching resources;
subscribing to sports clubs and packages to enhance sports provision and healthy living.

Now that our teachers have had two years of coaching by our P.E. specialist, teachers lead P.E. lessons themselves and Andy Rose, our P.E. specialist teacher, takes additional sessions on competitive sports such as rugby, football, basketball, hockey and multi-skills.

Each half term children will concentrate on two Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS). FMS are the building blocks required to access sports and other physical activities and are often categorised as being either agility, balance or coordination skills. For example agility – the ability to change direction or speed – may be developed through ball chasing activities. All children will be working from the same continuum of skills but activities are differentiated so every child can develop their skills and all children are challenged to improve and extend their skills.

Although the FMS focus will be the same throughout the school, the method of delivery will change as children progress through the school. Foundation/Year 1 children will explore their skills through stories and songs with a high level of repetition to build confidence and creativity. In Years 2-4 children will be increasingly learning the skills required for competition with personal best and group challenges. In Years 5-6 children will be applying their skills in non-traditional games such as dodgeball, benchball and throlf (hitting a target in the least number of throws) with a class tournament every three weeks.

Alongside our half termly FMS focus, we will also have an ‘other abilities’ focus – either cognitive (thinking) skills, creative skills, personal skills, social skills or understanding of health and fitness – which children and teachers will review and discuss when taking on challenges.

P.E. lessons are also enhanced at different times of the year by using specialist sport coaches, attending competitions between schools and by introducing children to new physical activities such as climbing and yoga.

For P.E. every child is provided with a school P.E. kit consisting of blue shorts and a burgundy short sleeved t-shirt. When children are working in the hall they are usually expected to work bare foot. Your child may want to bring an extra sweatshirt or track suit for outdoor games in cold weather. Footwear should be trainers or plimsolls.

Additional expenditure on P.E.

The school runs many sports clubs after school throughout the year for all age groups. There are two sports apprentices who support in P.E. lessons and run games activities throughout the breaks and lunchtimes as well as also running sports clubs after school.

The school also runs an intensive swimming programme throughout the year for Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 using Portland swimming baths in the Meadows area of the city, where the children learn to swim and progress though their swimming distance awards.

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