Pupil Premium 2016/17

In 2011-12 the Government launched its Pupil Premium funding. This money is given to schools based on the number of pupils in the school who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM).

In September 2016, Huntingdon Academy was allocated £223,080 for this academic year to support pupil premium children (those who have been entitled at some point to Free School Meals over the last 6 years). Pupil premium children make up 70% of the pupils at Huntingdon, this is above the national average.

Our analysis has found that individual and small group tuition focused on literacy and numeracy, whilst building self-asteem through enriched experiences such as music and educational visits has a significant impact on pupils' achievement. Regular attendance and parental involvement are also crucial to children's academic success.

The money helps to fund the following key initiatives to primarily support pupil premium children, but all children according to their needs are targeted:

Initiative Aim
School Uniform - Sweatshirt and Blazers To aid inclusion and support children’s sense of well-being.
50% cost of EAL intervention teacher To target individual children to support learning to read.
Reading (inference groups), writing and maths interventions To support identified pupils in their reading, writing and maths with structured interventions and follow up from class work.
Intensive maths and English intervention teachers for targeted year groups To accelerate learning in maths and English.
Leader of inclusion (now non-teaching based due to level of need) 1 day a week dedicated time for ensuring there is support for pupils with specific environmental/care needs. To dedicate time to pastoral wellbeing and safeguarding.
Family Liaison Worker The Family Liaison Worker targets pupils who are at risk of becoming poor attendees and supports families.
Lunchtime Support Workers To enhance play and social skills at lunchtime.
Enrichment To provide visits to a variety of different places to enhance and enrich children's experiences.
Music tuition The enjoyment and discipline of music will support pupils' application to learning in academic subjects and the potential to achieve will help self-esteem. Children can take instruments this year to help encourage practicing at home.

School funding also supports the following initiatives which all children access:

Information and Communication Technology Learning platforms have been purchased to support learning at home. Homework clubs are available for children who do not have access at home to the Internet.
Lunchtime Clubs and Play Leaders To support children socially and through play to engage positively with one another.
Short timed interventions activities These are resources that have been bought specifically to target specific aspects of children’s learning in literacy, maths and meta-cognition (learning to learn).
Extended School Support (Breakfast club, after school clubs including homework, school visits) To extend opportunities for children’s learning beyond the classroom.
Early Years Interventions Pupils are screened to identify gaps in early development and interventions such as music therapy and precision teaching are used to target learning in specific areas
Curriculum Enrichment The curriculum is enriched to deepen children’s experiences in school with visitors such as historians during ‘Humanities Week’. Visits linked to the curriculum are planned to widen children’s understanding and experiences.
Booster Classes Designed to continue pupils' learning during holidays and after school.
1 to 1 tuition Pupils are targeted for individual bespoke support with a teacher for one hour a week.

If your child does not have Free School Meals, but you think that you may be eligible, please contact the school office. Even if you do not wish your child to have a free school meal, the school could still claim the Pupil Premium funding that can be used to help your child. Please feel reassured that your queries and circumstances are kept confidential.

Pupil Premium 2015-16 Impact

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